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BENEFICENT wallcovering

Beneficent wallpaper is inspired by nature, particularly by the beneficial plants of Puglia.

€98.36 al mq

STICCHI wallcovering

Sticchi wallcovering is a tribute to Villa Sticchi, in Puglia.

€114.75 al mq

SUMMIT wallcovering

Summit wallcovering, in taupe gray colors, is inspired by the iconic landscape of the Puglia coastlines.

€98.36 al mq

THULITE wallcovering

The sky at sunset and a neoclassical boiserie create a new sense of space.

€98.36 al mq

DEMETRA wallcovering

Demetra wallpaper, featuring orange and blue tones, is inspired by the Puglian countryside, with its olive trees, dry stone walls, and wheat fields.

€114.75 al mq