Limited edition design

Make your spaces unique.
Furnish by choosing wallcoverings created just for you.

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Iapigi Store: endless exclusive solutions

IAPIGI wallcovering


Sophisticated graphics printed on eco-friendly materials.
Wallpapers are like artistic canvases that use digital printing to give surfaces a whole new dimension.
Let yourself be captivated by plays of light, colors and textures.

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non woven fabric


Transform your walls with a surface that reinvents them completely.
Experience top quality wallcovering, a material equipped with antimicrobial technology, fire resistance and excellent durability against light and scratches. Customize it to reflect your moments, emotions or personal style. Explore a world of shapes, geometries and colours to create unique compositions.
Discover the perfect combination.

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Details bring new vitality. Embrace each moment by taking care of your surroundings.
Even walls in humid environments can be adorned with fiberglass, a durable and breathable material.
Creativity and innovation bring your dream spaces to life. Discover the decorative value and explore alternative ways to furnish.

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Bespoke wallcovering

carta da parati personalizzata

Customize and find the perfect outfit for your home

Iapigi store empowers you to innovate your business and home spaces.
Let's design the wallpaper together, starting from your interiors, your ideas and your desires.
Iapigi's customized wallcoverings will turn your spaces into designer masterpieces.

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news iapigi

Latest news from the world of Iapigi

Stay updated on new collections, projects, events and fairs.

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Iapigi for professionals

servizi business

Solutions for interior design and architecture projects

We believe that every interior design project is unique.
Iapigi offers dedicated services to professionals, bringing custom projects and unique design solutions to life.
Together, we will create extraordinary spaces.

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cover designer space

Creativity finds its space

Join the Iapigi community, a place to foster collaborations and network.
Participate and promote Italian and Apulian design and architecture.
Through open calls, you can see your projects come to life and gain numerous benefits.

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