Bespoke design

For a truly special space

With IAPIGI, you can customize your wallcovering, express your creativity and make your space unique.
We will carefully analyze the environment where the wallpaper will be installed, considering colors, dimensions, furniture and style.
We will provide you with the best customization options to create a design that seamlessly integrates into your living room, bedroom or study.

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Custom wallcovering

Quality and precision for your projects

We customize the graphics from our online catalogue and adapt every aspect to meet all your needs.

You can choose to modify colors, dimensions of graphic elements and individual rolls and printing materials. We offer full control over every detail.

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iapigi - bespoke design service

Designing nex exclusive graphics

A completely tailor-made experience

We create new graphics that translate your ideas into original designs.
IAPIGI carefully follows every step of the production process with artisanal care, ensuring fast turnaround times and print quality.

Every space has unique needs and personality. Whether it's a commercial environment or a private residence, we bring wallpaper to life that seamlessly blends with your décor and personal taste.

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iapigi - bespoke design service - new graphics


We use only the highest quality printing materials to ensure exceptional results.
Select the material that best suits your needs and desired effect. Get unlimited creative possibilities and long-lasting durability.

non woven fabric


A versatile surface, in non-woven fabric, capable of covering and reinventing the walls of any residential or commercial environment.
A material with antimicrobial technology, fire-resistant, light and scratch-resistant, easy to apply and remove.

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The ideal fiberglass wall solution for every interior design project.
A highly resistant and breathable material, perfect for renovating wet environments like bathrooms and kitchens, covering and filling cracks, and leveling irregular surfaces.

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Project Showcase

Design stories

We have collaborated with numerous clients to create extraordinary projects. Explore our showcase to see some examples of our customized wallpapers produced.

Be inspired and imagine the endless possibilities for your space.

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iapigi bespoke design service

Support and consultation

Throughout the project

We stand by your side in every phase, from the initial concept to the final realization of your wallcovering, ensuring that every detail is meticulously taken care of.
We are available to answer any questions, provide professional advice, and guide you in making the best choice for your project.

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