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QUADRATURA wallcovering

Thanks to its warm tones Quadratura suggests harmony and positive feelings to the spaces that welcome it.

€98.36 al mq

STICCHI wallcovering

Sticchi wallcovering is a tribute to Villa Sticchi, in Puglia.

€114.75 al mq

SUMMIT wallcovering

Summit wallcovering, in taupe gray colors, is inspired by the iconic landscape of the Puglia coastlines.

€98.36 al mq

PIANO LIGHT wallcovering

Piano Light is a modern wallcovering in gold and dove grey colours. It's inspired by the piano and the lighthouses along the coasts of Puglia.

€98.36 al mq

TRAMORO wallcovering

The sunset, with its autumn or spring tones, is one of the most beautiful in Salento.

€98.36 al mq

STORNELLI wallcovering

Spread throughout Italy, the tradition of "stornelli" dictates that the musicians are accompanied by tambourines, accordions, and guitars.

€114.75 al mq

MIETITURA wallcovering

The Taranta dance is linked with the bite of the spider, which often occurred during the wheat harvest.

€98.36 al mq
  • EMBER wallcovering

    Ember wallcovering draws inspiration from the Mount Bromo volcano in Indonesia. Its color palette, with shades of red, yellow, orange and taupe, ignites the atmosphere with warmth and power.

    €98.36 al mq