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  • MIDDAY wallcovering

    Midday wallcovering celebrates the midnight sun. Sculpted panels create an effect of suggestive and engaging textures.

    €98.36 al mq
  • VALTINTA wallcovering

    Valtinta wallvering captures the colors of Val d'Orcia, an area of Tuscany characterized by natural landscapes of great beauty.

    €98.36 al mq
  • GLACIALIA wallcovering

    Glacialia wallpaper is inspired by the glacial beauty of Iceland and the majesty of the Vatnajökull glacier.

    €98.36 al mq
  • CELESTIUM wallcovering

    Celestium is an open window to the cosmos.

    €98.36 al mq
  • LUMINA wallcovering

    Lumina wallpaper, with its rich and suggestive color palette, captures the essence of mountain nature.

    €114.75 al mq